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Our Vision

It is THE PROJECT JUSTINE’s goal to supply people in developing countries with a vocational training or professional qualification. Following the principle of TRAIN THE TRAINER an educational and cultural center, a central meeting point, will be created in Benin, West Africa. Young people will be trained and educated here, so they can subsequently impart their acquired knowledge to others.


The most import goal is to empower these people - chiefly women - for the international market, so that their good work is appreciated and the products manufactured in Africa will find customers all over the world. The training is organized in a way, that every graduate can afterwards secure an independent income. On top of the tailoring craft other disciplines shall later be taught in a goal-oriented and sustainable way. In the long run the center shall be conducted by the Beninese themselves.

Projects and developments


Association foundation


Second stay of Justine in Munich


First stay of Justine in Munich, first product development with the cooking aprons


THE PROJECT JUSTINE - train the trainer e.V.

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