Who we are

Rahmée Wetterich


President of the association "THE PROJECT JUSTINE - train the trainer e.V."  Rahmée is the driving force of the association and is a key source of inspirations and ideas.

Birgit C. Schryvers


Deputy Board of Directors. Birgit takes care of the "hard facts" of the association, takes on public relations and other administrative work. Birgit is particularly concerned to support the educational work in Africa with her art project "art for africa". "We have to get out of the helper mode, more importantly it is hand in hand to work and build up, then to go into a self-determined life on its own."

Marie Darouiche


The great sister of Rahmée, is the real artist who ist responsible for the creation of Dirnd´l and fashion. It has the unique talent to combine the continents of Africa and Europe and its creation. 

Marie ist the head trainer who trained Justine in Munich. Later Marie would like to take over this task in Benin. 

Alena Schuh


Owner of LikeWert. Alena is the finance minister of the association and takes great care of the concerns of the association. This is makes them together with Steffi. 

Stephanie Fischer


Also owner of LikeWert. The online activity for NOH NEE lies in the proven hand of LikeWert. Alena and Steffi are such a valuable support. 

Amelie Albrecht


NOH NEE, Amelie is the "studio manager" at Noh Nee. Therefore, it´s a matter of heart for them to support the training work in Benin. She sells fashion from Benin with enthusiasm. 


THE PROJECT JUSTINE - train the trainer e.V.

Agricolaplatz 7

80687 München


E-Mail: theprojectjustine@nohnee.com