The Architecture

The Project Justine and the course of studies architecture of the Biberach University of Applied Sciences – Space for possibilities

The Project Justine e.V. was founded to effectively and sustainably counteract acute problems in Africa. To achieve this goal, the association works closely with the architecture professor Felix Schürmann and his students at Biberach University.

Together we will build and operate a training and cultural center in Benin, Natitingou. Young people will receive comprehensive vocational training there so that they can earn their own income and live self-determined lives.

We are convinced that this project will be an enrichment not only for the local people, but for everyone involved. It will be a place of encounter and cultural exchange and thus also an opportunity for all those who want to get to know the country and its people in an authentic way.

Last but not least, the project is a valuable opportunity for the students of Biberach University of Applied Sciences to participate in a challenging project with socio-political significance already during their education.

Aktueller Entwurf der Studierenden für das Kultur- und Ausbildungszentrum in Benin

The vision of the architects

We want to support as many people as possible to build an independent, self-determined life for themselves. Architecture plays an important role in this.

The houses and the arrangement of the individual functions and areas on the site want to and will bring together the most diverse people – in building, working, learning and exchanging – in the place. In experiencing the possibilities of collaborative creation, the power of one’s own commitment will become apparent and unfold. 

Through the first steps of the project, more and more local actors are already gaining interest in the possibilities of the future cultural and educational center. Some of you are already getting involved with your own ideas and funding to enable a rich future portfolio of support and offerings.

The Architecture Team

The architecture program at Biberach University of Applied Sciences combines the aspiration of academically broad teaching with a well-founded professional-technical education.

The development of a sustainable understanding of the integration of all architectural processes in the socio-social context is Focus.

A differentiated range of courses offers students the opportunity to acquire specific cross-sectional competencies with regard to the increasingly broad requirements and expectations of the reality of the profession, in which cross-disciplinary and cross-structural solution and implementation strategies are increasingly required that involve all social forces in a responsible process of mutual balance. 

Hands-on projects are important building blocks of teaching in which students can engage in direct exchange with the reality and responsibility of architecture. 

In this setting, the Justine project addresses a variety of components of responsible teaching and sustainable action for future architects. 

The course of studies accompanies and develops Project Justine in its 4th semester and is supported by many committed actors of the university.