What drives us – A right to creativity

Every person deserves the chance for a fulfilled, self-determined life. Unfortunately, this chance is not given to everyone, so other people need to take responsibility and act. Out of this conviction The Justine Project was born and this conviction still drives us forward.
The project is intended to enable young Beninese women and men who otherwise would have difficulty in gaining access to education to receive comprehensive vocational training so that they can take their lives into their own hands. We help them to help themselves, always with the goal of enabling the trained men and women to pass on their new knowledge. At the same time we also want to learn from these people and their culture and improve the understanding between our cultures. It is only in this way that sustainable change can be created.
We firmly believe that all those involved in this task will grow and that the resulting cultural exchange will enrich us all. This is what The Project Justine stands for.

The first steps – from ideal to principle

It all started with a mix of cultures. In Munich two sisters from Cameroon dared an experiment: they combined the fabrics and patterns from their African home with traditional cuts from their new home in Munich. The result was the “Dirndl à l’africaine” and with it the success story of the newly founded label Noh Nee.
Noh Nee worked according to strict ethical guidelines from the very beginning, but that was not enough for the two sisters. They wanted to give something back and help those who came into this world with less good perspectives. So it happened through the mediation of WEMA Home e.V., Justine from Benin came to Germany for training with Noh Nee. Her charisma and the success of her training made her a role model and later the namesake of the Justine project.
In 2016 the association “The Project Justine – Train the trainer e.V.” was founded together with some supporters. The goal was to give as many people in her home country Benin as possible the same chance as Justine got: future through education.

The heart of the project – the people behind the idea

Good ideas are essential, but without the people behind them, who are committed and act according to them, nothing can be moved. Therefore we would like to thank everyone who has supported “The Project Justine” so far and made our progress possible. This includes of course the members of the association and cooperation partners, but also every single person who has supported us with a donation so far. THANK YOU!
You too are welcome to become part of the change by becoming a member of our association or by helping us to achieve our goals with your donation.