"train the trainer" - erworbenes Wissen weitergeben

What is the project Justine - Train the Trainer?


The aim of "The Project Justine" is to give people in developing countries a vocational training or professional training. According to the "Train the Trainer" principle, an educational and cultural center, a meeting place in Benin, West Africa, is to be created. Young people are to be trained and educated here, in order to pass on their acquired knowledge.
An important goal is to put people - mainly women - on the international market, so that their good work is valued and the products manufactured in Africa can also find their buyers all over the world. The training is designed in such a way that everyone can generate their own income after graduation. In addition to the tailoring trade, other disciplines are to be conveyed in a targeted and sustainable manner.
In the long term, the center of Benin itself is to be self-run.

Where and when was the Justine project started?


With a continent-connecting idea, the sisters Marie and Rahmée joined in 2011. Through a lot of creativity, the classic Bavarian "Dirndl" became the "Dirndl á l'Africiane": colorful African fabrics were tailored into a Bavarian Dirndl. The two Africans met Marianne Dötzer and Alice Sücker in 2012, who trained with their ONG WEMA Home e.V. in Benin tailors. A training plan for an African seamstress was quickly put into practice. A tailor from Benin - called Justine - came to Munich in the winter of 2012 for the "master" training. Thus it was soon possible to begin production of a chef's apron in Benin.
In 2015 - after the second training of Justine in Bavaria - the first collection was made in Benin and sold in Munich. This collection was very popular.




Who is Justine?


Justine Tchilalou Payarou – she is 40 years old – Lives at home in the north of Benin in Natitingou. She is married and has a daughter.

Natitingou is in the County of Atakora in Benin. The city has about 35,000 inhabitants and is located in the north-west Benins at the foot of the Atakora mountains. Natitingou is the entrance to the large game reserve Pendjari National Park. It has a large central market, a museum, two hospitals a cinema and an airfield. Well known are the Tata-Somba residential castles in the region. To the east of the city lie the Kota waterfalls and to the south the botanical garden of Papatia.


Justine is a graduate seamstress and has completed her "master training" at NOH NEE in Munich. She was trained by Marie Darouiche. It is she that the project is named after and the partner in Benin. After the first successful product of the cooking aprons, the first fashion collection "NOH NEE BENIN" was produced in the spring of 2016 and was sold mainly at NOH NEE in Munich.


The collection for 2017 is designed and tailor-made. In this work Justine gave her new knowledge and experience to trainees. An employee from Munich accompanied her for months in her studio in Natitingou.

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