The cornerstone – Future through education

Our association has the goal to establish a training and cultural center in Benin, Natitingou. Following the example of the namesake Justine Tchilalou Payarou young people there should receive a comprehensive vocational training which enables them to take care of themselves and pass on their skills to others. Initially a tailoring apprenticeship will be offered, later on other disciplines will be added.
In the first step the non-profit association “The Project Justine – Train the trainer e.V.” was founded. With the help of funds from a charity gala in the GOP Varieté Theater in Munich, the property on which the training center will soon be located has already been acquired. In addition, a cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Biberach was initiated. The professor of architecture Felix Schürmann and his students support the project with their expertise and have already completed the first drafts for the training center. The foundation stone has been laid.

It’s starting – the project takes shape

Thanks to the help of our supporters and partners the project is now becoming concrete. Recently we have been lucky to meet Heinrich Roth. The Swiss is already established in Benin with his project CFL ( and is able to give us important initial help. We share the same ideals and are very happy about this cooperation.
Together with Heinrich we have already been able to implement the first step of our construction project: the installation of a public drinking water well on the site where the training center will later be built. This is the first tangible change for the local people, but this is only the beginning.
In addition to supporting the construction of the well Heinrich has agreed to provide us with rooms until the construction of the training center is completed. So the training can already be started now. The next phase of the project will begin.

The next steps – How it goes on

At the beginning of 2021 the time will have come: the first training course will start. Justine, now a master tailor, and Marie, the creator of the “Dirndl à l’africaine”, will jointly take over the training of eight tailors in Benin. Thanks to the cooperation with Heinrich Roth the necessary rooms and materials are available and production under the label Noh Nee Benin can begin. By creating a sales market in Germany, fair conditions for the tailors in Benin can be guaranteed.
The next step is the construction of the training center. For the first phase of the construction project about 60.000 Euro are needed, therefore we depend on your support right now. If you liked to help us to take this important step, please consider becoming a member of our association or support us with a donation. Together we can make this project a success for the people in Benin!